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The Path To Compensation After A Dog Bite Injury

If the owner of the dog that bit you is a friend or family member, it can be distressing to take legal action against that person in pursuit of compensation. However, for the sake of your healing process after a dog bite, you definitely should get a medical evaluation right away.

To help you deal with the stress of pursuing compensation, consult with a compassionate, experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Dog Bite Injuries

A dog bite injury can be devastating in multiple ways, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma, both short-term and long-term in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Financial hardship because of medical bills and lost wages
  • Potential scarring

At Parthemos, Curran, Buelow and Polizzi, PLLC, our lawyers skillfully and compassionately help people recover the compensation they need after suffering animal attacks. With more than 75 combined years of experience in personal injury representation, we are ready to guide you to legal and financial recovery. Our clients come from throughout northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.

Considering The Big Picture After A Dog Attack

Typically, a dog’s owner is responsible for compensating someone who has been bitten by that dog. The owner’s homeowner’s insurance may cover such a claim. In certain circumstances, a property owner who was hosting the dog or someone who had possession of a dog – such as a veterinarian or professional dog walker – may be liable if they were negligent.

Defenses in a dog bite case may include the dog’s previous bite-free history. But if a dog has bitten someone before, the law says that the owner should have known the dog’s temperament was a hazard and taken steps to protect others.

Do Not Minimize Dog Bite Injuries

If you or a loved one suffered a bite by someone else’s dog, you are right to consider filing an injury claim.

Besides getting immediate medical treatment to prevent infection and facilitate healing, you or your loved one may require additional plastic surgery in the future. Scars in visible places, such as on the face, neck or forearm, can be socially debilitating; this type of damage, as well as PTSD, should be accounted for in your injury claim or lawsuit.

Get Answers And Help After A Dog Bite

When you work with Parthemos, Curran, Buelow and Polizzi, PLLC after a dog bite injury, our lawyers investigate all the facts of the case and build a strategy for getting you or your child the compensation you deserve.

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