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Maximizing Your Compensation After A Truck Accident

Collisions involving tractor-trailer rigs and other massive trucks are extremely likely to cause severe injuries. If you or a family member has been involved in a semi-truck accident or any comparable crash, it is critical to work with a focused, diligent personal injury attorney with relevant case experience.

Thorough investigation, expert testimony, rigorous case-building and in-depth knowledge of insurance coverage should all be key components of your case. Serving clients throughout northern Virginia, our attorneys at Parthemos, Curran, Buelow and Polizzi, PLLC, will promptly prioritize your needs and start preparing for a possible trial to assert your rights to all available compensation. Our legal team is a premier choice for representation after:

  • Accidents occurring on I-81, I-66 or any other roadway in our service area, which includes all of Frederick, Clarke, Shenandoah, Warren and Loudoun counties
  • Wrecks resulting in serious and disabling injuries, including head and brain injuries, back injuries, multiple fractures and other harms that require costly medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitative care
  • Accidents resulting from any type of driver or transportation negligence, ranging from an unsafe lane change to violations of regulations or inadequate truck maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions About Virginia Truck Accident Claims

Accidents involving semis, delivery vehicles, tractor-trailers and other large trucks can be incredibly devastating. Whether you or a loved one suffered injuries, it is only natural to have questions. Below are some of the most frequent ones that our attorneys hear at Parthemos, Curran, Buelow and Polizzi, PLLC.

Who can be held liable for a truck accident?

Determining liability in a truck accident involves a comprehensive examination of various factors. Every accident is unique, so our lawyers take a unique approach to each claim.

Typically, several parties contribute to a truck crash, so they may all be held accountable in a lawsuit. The truck driver’s negligence, fatigue or impairment may have led to the crash, but their employer also might share in the responsibility. That is especially true when the trucking company fails to adhere to safety regulations, neglects the proper maintenance of its vehicles or pressures drivers into moving faster or violating driving hour restrictions.

Cargo loaders can also be held responsible if an improperly loaded or secured cargo played a role in the accident. Maintenance providers may share responsibility when avoidable mechanical failures contributed to the crash. Manufacturers may also be responsible if a defective part led to the wreck.

How do I prove what happened in a truck accident?

Truck accident lawyers know that every wreck has to be investigated carefully, and evidence to support your claim can include:

  • The truck’s event data recorder (EDR), or “black box”
  • Eyewitness statements and police reports
  • Maintenance records and checkpoint histories
  • Cellular evidence that shows that a driver was distracted
  • Evidence that a driver was using drugs or alcohol
  • Photographs of the accident scene and injuries
  • The trucker’s logbooks showing their hours

Trucking companies have a whole team of attorneys at their beck and call. They know what evidence you need, but they are not likely to turn it over without a fight. That’s why you need an experienced advocate working for you.

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Our lawyers provide caring attention and availability to our clients through every phase of each case they pursue. They strive to obtain fair settlements through negotiation whenever possible. However, if liability is disputed or no adequate settlement is offered, our clients have proven, determined trial lawyers on their sides.

Trucking companies and their insurers move quickly to defend their interests after injury-causing accidents. Getting our team involved as soon as possible could make all the difference for your recovery and future. You will not pay attorney fees unless our attorneys obtain compensation for you, so please call 540-870-1144 or email us now for a free initial consultation.