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“I am extremely satisfied with how they handled my case, with professionalism and compassion.”

Experiencing an auto accident is painful and stressful. Mr. Curran and Ms. Thomas did all of the work. All I had to do was get well. To be honest, I didn’t want to think about my case as it unsettled me emotionally. I am extremely satisfied with how they handled my case, with professionalism and compassion. —C.J.

“I recommend him for personal injury work without hesitation.”

Joe Curran has provided exceptional legal work to my patients that have suffered personal injury. He represents them better than any other attorney I have interacted with during my career of greater than 20 years. He is honest, ethical and committed to the best outcome for his injured clients. I recommend him for personal injury work without hesitation. Thomas Schuler, M.D., F.A.C.S. CEO and Founder at The Virginia Spine Institute/ Spinal Surgeon

“Mr. Curran was fantastic in court and won our case.”

My wife and I were in a very bad legal dispute and turned to Joseph Curran for help. The help, guidance and level of overall professionalism were unbelievable and very much needed at the time. Mr. Curran reviewed all aspects of our case and I was very impressed at the options provided and how well he and his team clearly communicated our options. Mr. Curran was fantastic in court and we won our case….my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the services provided and we give our highest recommendation for Joe Curran and his team. In life you meet people along the way that really help you and do things that make your life better, this could be a 5th grade teacher, the boss that helped you get a raise, the investment advice for your retirement or an attorney that goes out of his way to help for all the right reasons. If you have a problem and need legal services, Mr. Curran is not only a top rate attorney he’s a man of high integrity and a person my wife and I totally trust. S.B.

“I was treated like they cared about me as a person.”

A large commercial vehicle turned in front of my van resulting in serious injuries leaving me unconscious for several days and with no recollection of the accident. The insurance company for the truck driver blamed me for the accident and initially refused to make any payment for my injuries. I was lost and had no idea what to do or how I was going to survive financially until I hired Joe Curran. He ran down leads to reconstruct how the accident occurred, including locating out of state witnesses establishing that the accident was in fact the other driver’s fault. As a result, I received a $3,750,000.00 settlement. I can’t say enough about the hard work, professionalism and service I received from Mr. Curran and his staff. I was always treated like they really cared about me as a person and tell everyone that there may be other good lawyers out there but no one will get better results than Joe Curran. Buddy O.

“We are very pleased with the settlement.”

We accepted State Farm’s offer to settle our claim for $215,000.00. Thanks for all your hard work and skills. Paul and I are very glad that we were referred to you and that you thought that we had a case, enough to invest the time and effort on our behalf. We are very pleased with the settlement, sure beats the $6,000 that they originally offered Paul. This is a great way to end the week. We took the money from the settlement and bought some land and built a small house right outside of Yosemite National park, so every time we’re up with the bears and mountain lions we think how grateful we were for your help and your skills. By the way, if you ever decide to come out this way, the house is yours to use as long as you want. Sandy K

“I am very grateful for the help and care I received.”

I was in a car accident in July 2008 and to say that my life was going to be affected would be an understatement. I was referred to Mr. Curran’s office and what a relief it was to be represented by his office. My accident was a scary and trying time and I was never made to feel I didn’t matter or that my case wasn’t important even though it was a small case. Mr. Curran’s office was able to schedule my appointment almost immediately and the office staff was very pleasant and professional. My first meeting was a whirlwind of information and Mr. Curran was more than happy to answer my questions, even my follow-up questions which I am sure were the same ones I had at our initial meeting. Mrs. Buelow shared the work in my case and was more than helpful with answering my questions via phone or email. Once the case was closed and I moved away I needed assistance again with my case and Mrs. Buelow was more than happy to help me and that help was greatly appreciated as it was a scary moment. I am very grateful for the help and care I received from Mr. Curran’s office family and would recommend them to anyone who needed an attorney. T.S. from Florida

“I would decidedly recommend them.”

On Friday, 14 April 2006 at 5:30 PM, I was driving on VA/ MD Route 15 North, crossing the Potomac River and was rear ended and forced into the rear of the car in front of me. Police and ambulances arrived, and I was transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital. On Tuesday, 18 December 2007 at 4:00 PM, I was driving on VA Route 287 South, literally on route to a Pain Management Facility. The reason: to get neck injections for pain; when I was rear ended again. I am not kidding! Realizing the necessity, I finally interviewed personal injury attorneys. I thought this would be easy! As a thorough professional, I kept all documents in absolute order. But, good attorneys with high professional standards are hard to find. This was complicated by 2 accidents in 2 different states. All was not going well until my surgeon recommended Joseph Curran. I have all positive thoughts pertaining to the job his firm did for me. Among his staff: His legal assistant Kristine Koethe was very amenable, followed through, and never made me feel like an annoyance; His associate attorney, C. Michelle Buelow was precise, conscientious, and kept commitments. Joseph F. Curran listens, professionally communicates concisely, knows the law, plus is licensed in both Virginia and Maryland. Most importantly, Joe remembered his fiduciary relationship and represented me, his client, excellently. As seen, I am extremely thorough and particular. Joseph F. Curran and his law firm are excellent, and I would decidedly recommend them. Douglas L. Hervey, Sr.