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The Wrong Physician Can Compromise Your Claim

Receiving adequate medical care is an absolute priority for workers who have suffered an on-the-job injury. Yet, individuals must be careful in their selection of health care providers – the wrong choice can disqualify one’s eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. What this means is that the worker, and not his or her employer, will be responsible for paying medical bills and other financial dues associated with the injury.

The attorneys at Parthemos, Curran, Buelow and Polizzi, PLLC, can help you avoid such costly missteps. For several decades, we have assisted individuals throughout northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley in their workers’ compensation matters. We understand the benefits system thoroughly, and guide our clients through the claims-filing process, providing careful and personal attention at every step.

Employers Are Required To Provide You With Medical Options

Injured workers have some discretion in choosing their doctor, but do not have complete control. Under Virginia code, employers are required to provide injured workers with a selection of physicians, from which the worker can choose his or her provider. Any ensuing treatment will then, typically, be covered by the employer’s insurance. Likewise, it is this doctor who must validate any claims for workers’ compensation.

This is important to heed. A common mistake made by injured workers is to consult with a doctor who is not employer approved – or to avoid seeking medical help at all. Doing so, however, will severely compromise one’s ability to pursue workers’ compensation insurance. Indeed, there are a number of nuances and complex processes that must be addressed appropriately, which have the ability to determine the success or failure of one’s claim.

Legal Support For Injured Workers

Our knowledgeable lawyers will help you navigate the details of filing for workers’ compensation. We can help in the selection of a trustworthy physician, and ensure that you take the required actions throughout proceedings.

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