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Common cashier injury risks

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

There are a lot of industries that utilize cashiers, such as retail stores, banks, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants and more. If you are a cashier, you may not think your job is a big deal. However, your occupation is necessary for many places to stay in business. Additionally, you may not believe cashiering is a dangerous job, but there are many risks you face every day.

Here is a look at some ways you can sustain an injury as a cashier.

Repetitive stress

Scanning items may seem like a mundane and simple task. But when you scan thousands of items for eight hours straight, it can begin to take a toll on your physical health. These repetitive movements can cause damage to your arms, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Common injuries that may develop because of repetitive motions include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and rotator cuff injuries. You can avoid these injuries by taking frequent breaks and performing stretches.

Back problems

When you stand all day and bend slightly, this puts a lot of pressure on the muscles, discs and bones in your back, resulting in pain, stiffness and nerve damage. You may also suffer back injuries from lifting heavy bags or objects. Taking breaks and standing straight can help you reduce back pain.

Slips and trips

No matter what store you work at, there are hazards that may cause you to slip or trip. You may encounter liquid spills, torn carpeting or messy walkways that cause you to fall. Falling at work can cause anything from a minor strain to a life-threatening concussion. Your workplace should be free of these risks as much as possible. You can wear slip-resistant footwear to avoid slipping and falling.

You may not assume being a cashier is dangerous, but you can still sustain injuries at your job and potentially seek compensation.